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Hot Red Tie Subliminal Necktie

Estimated delivery: 2024/03/16 - 2024/04/04

A subliminal tie is a type of necktie that includes a subliminal message or image that is intended to influence the thoughts or behaviors of the person wearing the tie.

The idea behind subliminal ties is that the person wearing the tie will be exposed to the subliminal message or image on a regular basis, and this will influence their thoughts and behaviors in some way.

Some people believe that subliminal messages can influence thoughts and behaviors, while others believe that they are ineffective.

Give it a shot. Send a subliminal message to yourself when you wear this designer tie with a hidden positive word or phrase. Let your neckwear affect your mood and day favorably, as we only send positive messages with our ties!

How to tie this tie? Just how you normally do!