On the Shop Page

Check out the great products we have on offer in the Shop. Found one you like? Hover your cursor over the product.

1. Click “Add to Cart’ to purchase it.
A cart widget will appear on the right side of the screen to show your added item. From the widget, you can modify  the quantity of the item, go to your cart page, or checkout to finalize your purchase.

If you see “Select Option” instead of “Add to Cart”, clicking on any part of the product will bring you to the product page, so you can make a variation selection of the item before you add-to-cart.

2. Click on the product title or image to bring you to the product page for a detailed information on the item.

On the Product Page

Every product page will give you more information about the product so you can make an informed purchase. You can see more pictures, the sale price, bulk quantity offers (buy more, save more), expected date of delivery, and of course quantity option, and add-to-cart button.

Currency Converter

If you want an approximate conversion of the default currency to yours, choose your currency on the currency widget on the site header. The default currency (USD), however, still applies on checkout.