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Shop for exquisite designs based on 16 personality traits on durable products such as clothing and wallets. Our designs cater to any personality, you’ll be sure to find one to your own unique taste and liking. Our Arabic calligraphy wallets for women and baraka wallets for men are our stylemark of great quality merchandise for their beautiful designs and great concepts of ‘bless’ and ‘spiritual’. We want all our customers to be blessed with beauty (design) and abundance (baraka). Hence the original idea in our unique wallets. Remember, if you want blessed money-keepers for your every-day positivity on abundance, shop online at

We incorporate quality-beauty-benefits in the products we offer. Our clocks, for example, give you the dual-purpose of time-telling and wall decor for your homes. Solve our jigsaw puzzles, then use it as wall art. Nourish yourself with the advantage of our healing mugs. There are more products to come.

The shop page is where you can see all merchandise at a glance without having to go to the product pages. Clicking on title or image will take you to the product’s page where you can discover the merchandise in greater detail and make your power purchase. If you’re in a hurry, and wish to buy straight away, you can click on the add-to-cart button without having to go to each product page to add your items. You can also choose to buy more than one item by modifying its quantity option.

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Variable products will show a ‘select option’ button instead of ‘add-to-cart’. This will bring you to the product page where you will have to select a variation of the item. This could be color, size, plug-type, etc. Without selection, the purchase process cannot proceed.

If you’re looking for a specific merchandise, one-click a category for faster shopping. You can also use the search form. If we have the item you’re looking for, typing just the first three letters will show you the corresponding items under the search form window. How convenient is that? We try to give our customers the best online shopping experience. One that will make you keep coming back for more.

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